Zombie ate my dog

  • When you fart and accidentally poop yourself.

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    Have you guys seen this? Guy files his drone into the middle of a firework show. Absolutely astounding. 

  • Displate gallery by Eddie Rock

    If I had some money to blow, I would buy them all. 

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    On a scale from North Korea to America, how free are you tonight?

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    Code:Deck Playing Cards

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    Reggie and Asif transform boring places into all-out ragers.

    Check it.  

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    After being featured on a couple of large science facebook pages, I’ve had lots of inquires about this image. This is an original made by me. It is available as a poster here. Or if you’d rather print it yourself, that’s fine and I can provide you a higher quality image if needed. This image is open for anyone to use, I would just like credit. Feel free to contact me about it.

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  • Re-did my theme from scratch, so if anybody comes across any bugs or anything, could you let me know?

    Thanks, you’re awesome.

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    We enhanced the footage of Yo’s throw, and … yes, that’s a rocket.

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    E3 2014: Sony Shows Off First Mortal Kombat X Gameplay Footage, Fatalities Now Especially Brutal

    From the footage, the game seems to meld calculated, psychology-heavy tactics with the adored, hard-hitting combo-play that we all have come to know and expect. From the video, graphics and animations were especially fluid, especially those segments involving the “bone cam” that showed off select moves literally breaking the bones of foes. 

    Get a look!


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