Zombie ate my dog

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    Best Books of the year - 2013

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  • If you live in #maryland and enjoy recreational #fishing. I have the app for you. Minimum size, creel limit, and season all in one place. Also covers federal regulations as well. More states will be added in due time. Grab it on Google play. Happy fishing.

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    When you hit the game-winning 3 home run, even the king of pieing gets pied! 

  • Thank you Jeff Bezos! Even though your company is having trouble turning profits this quarter and worrying shareholders. You just saved me a shit ton of money on school books. A big fuck you to colleges charging 200 dollars for one book. I’ll take the 88% off, thanks. Nothing pisses me off more than someone having to spend the 200 dollars and the professor barely uses the book. Guten Tag. 

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    31st homer of the season!! Tied for 1st in home runs. Post season here we come!

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    When you fart and accidentally poop yourself.

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